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What's this site about?

The idea of this website is pretty simple: just take a picture of everything you eat and publish the pictures on the internet.

The first thing I need to say about this project is, that I LOVE Japanese Food.
As I already took so many pictures of all the sightseeing stuff in Japan, there was little left for me to take a picture of. So, I decided for my Oct 2004 trip to Japan, to take pictures of all the food I eat in Japan. And when I say all the food, I really mean ALL THE FOOD. I thought it could be an interesting internet project to publish these pictures in an online "Food Diary"... also interesting might be to see the pure mass of the food you eat in one month. I hope you all like the pictures...

Fell free to enter your comments in my guestbook, or directly on the food pages... If you want to send me an Email write to:

Oh, and by the way... if you want to see some no-food-pictures from Japan, you can visit On this website you will find around 600 photos, I took in 2002 while living one year in Japan... And while your at it, also visit my photoblog at with current pictures from asia.

A big Thank You to my girlfriend Reiyo, who helped me with the Japanese translation for this website. Also thanks to Softbox for hosting this little project of mine...

yours, Alex