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Japan Food Diary - Oct 5th, 2004

Hotel Breakfast

The breakfast buffet at hotel Gimmond in Tokyo... They had Japanese and western breakfast. Here you can see some omelette, fish, bread, fried rice and a miso soup...

Udon at the Tokyo University

At the cafeteria of Tokyo University, we had Udon, which is special kind of Japanese noodle soup... I have to admit, I am no great fan of Udon, so I can not say whether this was a good Udon.

Dinner with nomihoudai at an izakaya



Here we went to a typical cheap Japanese restaurant called an Izakaya. These places are comparable to German "Kneipen". In this Izakaya, called "Wara Wara", which is a Japanese Chain Store, we had a big menu with "drink as much as you can"... which we surely did...
On the top picture you can see salad and sashimi (raw fish).On the middle picture you can see a so called nabe (pot), in which you cook all kinds of vegetables and meat...
On the bottom picture, you can see some Japanese sake... which we drank warm...

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