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Japan Food Diary - Oct 11th, 2004

Breakfast in Kyoto

The breakfast at the New Hankyu Hotel in Kyoto...
more or less the same like in Tokyo...


After visiting some temples, we had lunch in a small nice restaurant near the Kyomizudera... I had Zaru Soba. That are cold noodles, which you put in a spicy sauce before eating.

Yakitori and Sushi


In the evening we had Yakitori and Tekkamaki at an izakaya...
Yakitori are these little sticks with all kinds of grilled food on it... Here you can see chicken and beef...

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Saver <>
wrote on Oct 25th, 2004 at 9:42am the following:
Das Zaru Soba sieht ja mal richtig appetitlich aus. Erinnert mich ein wenig an die klingonische Spezialität "Qagh", die am besten schmeckt, wenn die Schlangenwürmer noch leben!

fruit salad yummy yummy <>
wrote on Dec 5th, 2009 at 2:39am the following:
the bottom looks good and ya the beakfast on topp...ummm....not so good :b nice day for you