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Japan Food Diary - Oct 18th, 2004

Jiro Spaghetti

For lunch I was at the cafeteria of Kyushu University... and again, I had Jiro Spaghetti...
Don't ask me what Jiro means... I asked a lot of people. Nobody knows it... Maybe it the name of the guy who created this dish...

Bean chips

In the afternoon, we had these bean chips... quite tasty...

Reifu Rice and Kimchi

In the evening, my girlfriend prepared this rice dish with kimchi...

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lORI <>
wrote on May 3rd, 2008 at 10:57pm the following:
HOW DO MAKE KIMCHI.? we love it

fruit salad yummyyummy <>
wrote on Dec 5th, 2009 at 2:15am the following:
bean chips are gooood and so is the rice :b