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Japan Food Diary - Oct 21st, 2004

Ichiran Ramen


Yeah, once again the very delicious Ichiran... ahhh...

This store is really something special: If you go there, you'll be sitting in a little compartment by yourself. On a paper you can choose exactly how you like to have your ramen... Thickness and concentration of the broth, which kind of onions, how much garlic, how spicy, consistency of the noodles etc.

Through a curtain in front of you, you'll hand in your order, and will then receive your ramen...
Here you can have a detailed look on that system... The meaning of all that is, that you can fully concentrate on your ramen... just you and the ramen...

Talking, phones and even smoking are of course prohibited... That could reduce the ramen enjoyment...

Oh yeah, on the bottom of the bowl is written: "This drop is highest pleasure..."




Here, we went to nice yakitori restaurant. Yakitori are little grilled sticks with all kinds of stuff... very tasty...

On the top picture you can see how the sticks are grilled... On the next picture are a lot of sticks with chicken, bacon, corn, green pepper, onions and shrimps... On the bottom picture, you can see grilled rice.

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can you ummm give me the names of the stores you went to cuz i need to see these