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Japan Food Diary - Oct 23rd, 2004

Reifu Okonomiyaki and Miso Soup

For breakfast, my girlfriend prepared this okonomiyaki.
This is some kind of pancake made of vegetables and shrimps with egg...


At Fukuoka yacht harbour, we ate these delicious crepes... my girlfriend just loves crepes...

Pikachu Kids Menu

ok, I didn't eat that... but I thought it is funny and cute...
A pokemon kids menu... I took the picture only for Saver, the oldest pokemon fan I know...

Mos Burger

This is cheeseburger at Mos Burger. A Japanese burger chain store...
The burgers are actually quite good... but they are very small... and expensive...

Yakiniku Tabehoudai


Here, we went to eat yakiniku... yakiniku means grilled meat. In most of the yakiniku restaurants you'll get the raw meat and grill it yourself on the table... that is really funny...
In this store we ordered "eat as much as you can" for one hour. We really grilled and ate a lot. Afterwards we were really full.

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wrote on Dec 5th, 2009 at 2:01am the following:
o0o0o0o nice crepes i tried some of those at japan but yours look beter L0L