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Japan Food Diary - Oct 27th, 2004

Kaiten Sushi



Here, we ate at a Kaiten Sushi...
From time to time I took some pictures. You can see very well, how my Sushi Tower grew higher and higher...
In the End I had like 12 plates, and was pretty full... eventually I could have take one or two more... but you shouldn't overdo things...

Korean Ishiyaki Bibinpa

For Dinner we went to a Korean Restaurant. This dish is called Ishiyaki Bibinpa. It's rice, vegetables, egg, meat and spicy sauce in very hot stone bowl... You mix the whole thing and it roasts on in the hot stone while you eat... very tasty...

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best day so far i lll000000vvvvveeeeee sushi and sashimi so ya anyways ya