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日本料理日記 - 2004年10月29日


For breakfast we had rice and miso soup...


In the bus, on the way to the Onsen Ryokan, I had a few tekkamaki.







This was definitely the best meal on the whole trip!!!
We spent one night with three meals in a Ryokan (Japanese Hotel) with Onsen (Japanese hot spring). We had a very beautiful, wide Japanese Room, in which we were served this marvellous dinner around 18:30…
A lady in a kimono needed around 15min to prepare our table the way you can see it on the top picture… we watched her eagerly with hungry eyes…
On the next picture you can see the middle plate in detail, with several little delicious things on it: one shrimp, one shell, one chestnut and two tofu dishes.
On the third picture you can see the desert and the fish… the fish was really great… and I also enjoyed the desert very much.
The stuff on the forth picture is called Sukiyaki. In this little pot, you cook meat, vegetables, mushrooms and salad… A raw egg is used as sauce for the meat.
On the left side of the fifth picture is Sashimi (raw fish), on the top is tempura, on the bottom a soup and the meat on the right side in the little cage is horse sashimi… yes, that’s raw horse… a delicacy in Japan… tastes really good. If you like raw tuna and roastbeef, you will like this for sure…
On the last picture you can see how the table looked after we finished…

Again I want to say big thanks to my girlfriend, who invited me to this Onsen Ryokan as a birthday present: THANK YOU!!!

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mit freundlichen grüssen und bestem appetit,
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