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Japan Food Diary - Oct 30th, 2004

Japanese Breakfast at the Onsen Ryokan

That's the breakfast in the Onsen Hotel...
A little fish, a half done egg, tofu, miso soup and of course rice with nori.. In the little plates in the middle is another fish part (right), mentaiko - fisheggs (middle) and some sea grass (left)...
I was quite happy, that they don't served nato...

Lunch at the Onsen Ryokan

The lunch in the onsen hotel was udon... I normally don't like udon that much, but this one was relly good...
After lunch we had to check out, and take the bus back to Fukuoka...

Chesseburger at Wendy's

A little cheeseburger as a snack is always okay... right?


For dinner, we bought some fine sushi in the supermarket... and some grilled chicken...

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fruit salad yummyyummy <>
wrote on Dec 5th, 2009 at 2:08am the following:
i always thought burgers there were awsome but mcdonals(i went 2 once =/) made a huge deal about making their store look so good .....for some reason