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日本料理日記 - 2004年11月1日


While waiting in Tokyo for my flight home, I bought these Tekkamaki with my last few yen at the Narita airport...


The lunch on board of LH715 from Tokyo to Munich...

Before I have a hard time explaining it, I just type down the menu:
Hors d'oeuvre: Salmon Teriyaki with Vegetable Salad and Green Tea Noodles in Soba Sauce, Roll and Butter
Entrees: Beef Sukiyaki with Bok Choy, Koya Tokfu, Burdock, Shiritaki Noodles and steamed Rice
Dessert: Panna Cotta

I don't know... is that really what I got... but anyway it was quite good...
One thing I have to mention about Luafthansa is, that you get bottles of Becks beer... That's way better than the cans, you get in other airlines...


According to the Menu this was Chicken Katsu and steamed Rice with Seasonal fresh Fruits...

This was not so good... the Becks actually was the best thing about this meal...

Tachian <>
ya the chicken katsu doesn't look too good,

question: is thai food alot like Japanese?

Tachian <>
what is your fav. type of sushi???

Alex <>
No... Thai Food is totally different to Japanese Food. Thai Food normally is much more spicy.

Regarding my favorite sushi... I like most of it, but I dont like squid and octopus (tako). My Favorite is Makuro and Torro (both Tuna).

k 'n' s <>

fruit salad <>
well the first one looks good the last one.......kinda like barf you buy at 7/11 lol